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Did you know that installing a CCTV system, replacing the locks on a location, or implementing a master key system are all ways to increase the property value of your commercial location? We are constantly getting requests from new and old businesses alike who are looking for a Oak Cliff Locksmith to do these very services!

Dallas Locksmith has been the go-to residential locksmiths in Oak Cliff for several years. This has everything to do with our work ethic and constant pushing to satisfy the customer with all of their requests!

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Key Extraction – Broken keys happen a lot. Keys are constantly being worn down, denting, and breaking and unless you replace them soon enough, they can end up wearing down and breaking inside your lock. But if you need a key extracted and fast, we can be to your location in less than thirty minutes to take care of it!

Master Key System – The Master Key system is one of the most lauded upgrades a business can receive. Instead of passing around a dozen keys for a dozen doors, there is now one key that opens all doors while each door has a different lock with an exclusive key. It’s one of the modern marvels in Locksmithing.

Lock Installation – New locks on your home is not only a great financial move for increasing property value, but it is vital for maintaining security for your home. With the different classes and grades of locks out there it’s hard to know which is best, but give us a call, and we will find the best locks for you and install them on the same day!

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We make ourselves as available for you as possible. We offer 24-hour service, Seven days a week. There is no day that we have off because when inconvenience strikes and you need a residential locksmith, we are here for you and waiting by the phone. So call us today at (214) 317-4403!